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All Jewelry in this catalog is handcrafted
by silversmith Ted Leidelmeyer.
He has been making spoon aand fork jewelry
from silverplated silverware for 38 years since 1970.
The Spoon and Fork jewelry includes:
spoon rings,spoon bracelets,spoon handle key rings,barrettes,
budvases,pendants,earrings,celtic fork bracelets,
fork pendants like his famous "FORKTOPUS"
In 1970 he linked together two spoon handles
now called the "Spoon Bracelet"
Many people have copied his spoon jewelry since 1970.
In the year 2000-01 this spoon and fork jewelry catalog was put on the internet
for customers to buy jewelry online from him.
but the spoon jewelry designs were again copied by people around the world

In this catalog you will also see Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Filled jewelry
that is also handcrafted by Ted Leidelmeyer.
He chooses to work in 14kt Gold Filled along with Sterling Silver
because 14kt Gold Filled is very durable,resists tarnish,wears for many yrs.
and is affordable at a fraction of the cost of 14kt Gold.
The sterling is 925 silver.
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